Some of Our Clients

The Factory Shop

The Factory Shop opened in the town of Rundu in 2016 running fully on IQ Business. Equipped with two integrated scales for bar-coding the repacked and weighted products, all products are scanned when doing sales to have fast and efficient till points. The Factory Shop also uses the full Ledger of IQ for the every day to day Accounting and Cashbook postings of the Business. Other modules incl. Promotions, Bill of Quantity, Debtors & Creditors.

ABC Stationers

As a leader in the Stationary trade ABC Stationers needed a solution that can deliver on speed, accuracy and proper reporting. As quotes and Invoicing is one of the important aspects of the business ABC can rely on IQ to get the job done ever time.

Simondeum Fine Meats

Stared out small and grew as the Business grew. Simondeum is now running on IQ Enterprise with centralized Ledger, Debtors & Creditors between 8 Stores. Stock synchronization is setup that all stores consist of the same Stock Items and prices. All stores trade in IQ's 'offline mode' and sales are updated to Head Office overnight to update stock figures, accounts and the Ledger, where the Head Office staff is responsible for the processing of all other transactions on Stock, Debtors, Creditors and Ledger per store.


Namcrafts recently joined Lambert Software Solutions as their IQ agent to ensure full standardization of their current IQ systems running in all of their shops. with stock imports and exports used to update stock details per store it has saved the client hours of remote login and updating of prices and details on stock. As one of Namibia's leading Curio and Souvenir store its important to the owners to have accurate reporting and good sales systems in order to make decisions of what to buy and keep in store.

Lumber City

Lumber City Windhoek uses IQ Business as their full Stock, Debtors, Creditors, Ledger system for the Buisness. Processing of quotes, to orders, to Invoicing is all managed by the staff without any delays due to the processing flow of IQ Retail.

Namibia Gambling & Electronic Supplies

Namibia Gambling & Electronic Supplies or better know as 'NGES' uses IQ for all their Business from Electronic Supplies to Gambling Bar POS terminals to just Ledger Control Companies. With the group consisting out of a few companies being managed by only a handful of people IQ was the solution to assist in getting the job done everyday. IQ 'Offline Mode' running in the gambling bars ensure that stock control and Cash ups are not a headache for the Management for the group.