IQRetail x64

IQRetail x64 teaser

By now you might have heart about the new IQRetail XE (code name) or now known as IQRetail x64 and yes it’s here…..

What’s new, what’s better, what has changed.

Before we dig into the advantages and new additions lets quickly look at the technical specs. so what is x86 or better know as 32bit and x64 or 64bit ? I can write a long info section on this but luckily someone has done this already and you can just follow this link and get a better understanding on what it is all about:

This means your IQ system can be up to 20% faster and more efficient in your business. (and with our test we think more up to 40%)

What changed you may ask?

well nothing major to be honest, its still the same IQRetail as you know it. to start of its just FASTER !!!

We also have a new look and feel…..

Maintenance windows has been re-arranged a bit and grouped better with tabs.

Insert or move lines in processing

Outlook integration for mailing

I’m not going to show to much on this one will keep it a secret but a Dashboard, and some more…..


  • we need to do a site assessment to confirm that all your devices are installed with Windows x64 operation system
  • we will install the updated IQRetail to run in its own installation to not effect your current installation and test the data upgrade
  • should we not get any issues, we can schedule a switch over date

Should your computers not be x64 we will give recommendations on how to go forward to get upgraded.

To schedule your system assessment please click here and forward is the required info to get in the list for upgrades. We look forward to assisting you to get an even more efficient system running.